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Presidential Dollars

Presidential DollarsA new series of circulating dollar coins was launched in 2007 to honor the former Presidents of the United States. Each year, four different coins are released with obverse designs featuring a likeness of the presidents. The reverse design features a depiction of the Statue of Liberty that will be used throughout the series.

The Presidential Dollars incorporate special edge lettering. This convention was used to allow more space on the coin for larger and dramatic artwork. The lettering currently includes the date, mint mark, and motto "E Pluribus Unum." Prior to 2009, the motto "In God We Trust" also appeared on the edge, but was later moved to the obverse.

The edge lettering has produced a number of unique errors. This is the result of the two step process initially needed to produce the coins. Coins are fed into a machine which strikes the obverse and reverse in the first step. The struck coins are then fed into an edge lettering machine in the second step. Potential errors include missing edge lettering, doubled edge lettering, or lettered blank planchets. In the later years of the series, the production process was streamlined to reduce the number of errors.

Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar

For 2007, the Presidents honored on the series included George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. During this first year of the series more than one billion coins were struck for circulation. There were high hopes that the series would spur the widespread circulation of $1 coins within the United States.

Despite a warm reception from collectors, the new $1 coin series did not achieve widespread circulation. A stockpile of excess coins gradually built up within Federal Reserve vaults. In late 2011, the Treasury Department announced the suspension of production for circulation, although the series would continue to be produced in the limited quantities necessary to fulfill demand from collectors.

The most recent years of the series have featured better known Presidents, bringing renewed attention to the series. Recent issues have honored Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 2015, the series will honor Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.

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